Workplace Giving

What is Workplace Giving?

Workplace giving is a voluntary program allowing you or your business to make regular donations to Charlies Foundation for Research and it’s as simple as talking to your payroll office.

Workplace Giving is a simple yet powerful way for you to assist the Charlies Foundation for Research to fund vital patient-centred research. Workplace Giving donations are deducted from each pay period before tax is applied, reducing your taxable income.


What You Need to Do

Four easy steps, ready…

Step 1 – Print and fill out this form

Step 2 – Have a chat with your HR, payroll department or the person responsible for paying your wage.

Step 3 – Discuss with them that you would like to set up a workplace giving deduction to support the critical work done by researchers through Charlies Foundation for Research.

Step 4 – Send us the details of your HR or payroll Manager and we’ll take it from there.



Tax Benefits

Workplace Giving is an easy and convenient way for you to donate a nominated amount on a regular basis to Charlies Foundation for Research. You will receive a tax deduction without needing to keep receipts and even better, it’s an immediate tax benefit from your wage.

Once your donation is set up, there’s nothing else for you to do – simple and rewarding!

For more information on the tax benefits please visit the ATO website.