Charlies Lucky Lottery


Charlies Foundation for Research runs a fortnightly Lucky Lottery for the staff across the North Metro Health Service. Each fortnight one lucky winner takes home an amazing $500.00!

Staff can enter the Lucky Lottery for as little as $1 a fortnight, deducted straight from their pay, before tax! There is no limit on how many entries you’re allowed, so feel free to enter as many times as you like! pay ($1 = 1 chance, $2 = 2 chances, $5 = 5 chances etc.) It’s super easy to enter, simply fill out the D9-General Deduction Form and email it from your staff email address over to HSS on:

If you run into any problems completing this process, feel free to get in touch with the Foundation on (08) 6457 2042 or email

P.S – Funds raised from the Lucky Lottery are all going back to research! Our board have decided to match funds raised through the Lucky Lotto for up to $5,000 to create an annual innovation grant of $10,000!

Innovation grants are used to inspire our researchers to think outside the box and come up with research projects and ideas that are focused around patient care and outcomes that will truly have an impact.


One of our recent Lucky Lottery winners Patti Leonard is a great example of why you’ve got to be in it to win it!

Patti Leonard is a Senior Radiographer at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, who aspires to give where she can: she supports those who she loves around her the best way she can and she supports charities alike.

When Patti started working for Charlies back in 1978, she immediately signed up with the Charlies Lucky Lottery too. A few dollars every pay-check was nothing to her and it brought her joy to think she was supporting medical research conducted at the hospital where she was working herself. Patti has been playing the Charlies Lucky Lottery for over 40 years and has won the $500 cash prize not once, not twice, but three times!

She remembers the first time she won quite well.

“I had totally forgotten that I was supporting Charlies Foundation because it’s such a small amount that comes out of my pay-check before tax.

“It was just before Christmas when I received that phone call telling me that I had won that fortnight, it couldn’t have come at a better time! We all know a little extra can go a long way, especially around the holidays,” says Patti.

Since then she has won the fortnightly $500 cash prize two more times, the last time being on August 13. Patti was delighted to come in and was so thankful for her prize.

We in turn are thankful for Patti – and people like Patti – for playing the Lottery and supporting projects that create better outcomes for patients.