A gift from the heart...

Ken and Patricia Sherwood shared a very special love.

Married at just 22 and 19 years of age, they have spent a lifetime together, travelling the country in their caravan and chasing an endless summer.

Patricia became unwell with a heart condition some years ago, and she was in and out of hospital regularly. That is until she sadly passed away in October 2020 at the age of 80 years old.

Patricia and Ken had a deal with each other that whatever money they had left in the bank when one of them passed, they would split it in half and each of them made wishes about where they wanted their portion of the money to go. When Patricia passed away, she decided she wanted her money to go towards medical research.

Ken fulfilled Patricia’s wishes, saying he wouldn’t have done anything else.

“Patricia told me she wanted her money to go to medical research, so that’s exactly what I did, it was her choice and I just fulfilled her wishes,” he says.


“She was a very kind person, always loving, she had a big heart,” reminisces Ken.

“This money is her donation, not mine and I hope it makes a difference to the people who need it most.”

Patricia’s incredible gift is now going to medical research across a variety of fields including cancer, respiratory, diabetes, and much more.

Patricia’s legacy is that she has enabled researchers to continue their fight for the best possible patient care and outcomes, hopefully saving lives.

While Patricia and Ken were incredibly lucky to have each other to fulfil their wishes, leaving a gift in your Will is a gift that will ensure your wishes are fulfilled should anything happen.

A gift in your Will to medical research here at Charlies Foundation for Research could help change and save lives, much the way Patricia’s has.

“I hope Patricia’s gift makes a difference, and I hope it helps someone else who needs it, that’s what she would have wanted.”
– Ken Sherwood