In Celebration Giving

Raise funds to celebrate someone special or in memory of a loved one

Celebrate the life of someone special with donations in lieu of gifts or flowers. You can raise funds to celebrate a birthday or collect donations in memory of someone. You can even request your donation to be used to support research into a specific illness or disease. See below for more information or contact our team to discuss your wish to celebrate someone special at or (08) 6457 2042

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Donations in lieu of presents

Your friends and family can donate in lieu of presents for your birthday, wedding, anniversary or any special occasion. Collect donations easily through your personalised online fundraising page.

Donations in memory of someone special

Donating in memory of someone special can be a wonderful way to pay tribute to a lost loved one. Create an online memorial page to collect donations in lieu of flowers. You can personalise the page for your loved one and family and friends can leave messages to pay tribute to their memory.

Collect donations at a funeral/memorial

Many people ask for donations in lieu of flowers at the funeral or memoriam of a loved one. The Foundation can supply donation envelopes to you or your funeral home of choice.

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Jackie celebrates her 80th Birthday in lieu of gifts

Grateful for the treatment her husband received at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Jackie was inspired to give back and asked her friends and family to make a donation to the Foundation in lieu of gifts.

You have to think of others as one day it might be you who needs the support. Nominating in lieu of gifts was easy to do, especially with the help of the team at the Foundation - Jackie


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Contact us to help celebrate someone special

Email or call (08) 6457 2042

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