Charlies Foundation for Research has a proud history of supporting world-leading clinical and patient-centered research at the Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in Western Australia.

Some of the greatest medical breakthroughs have come at the hands of clinical researchers: dedicated doctors, nurses, specialists and allied health professionals at the frontline of patient care in hospitals.

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Co-Chaperone Interactions in Breast and Prostate Cancer Cells

Principal Investigator: Thomas Ratajczak

Profiling co-chaperone interactions and heat shock protein 90 inhibitory activity of a Sansalvamide A analogue in breast and prostate cancer cells

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Targeting Prostaglandings in the lung – A new treatment for bad asthma

Principal Investigator: Professor Philip Thompson

Asthma is a complex disease with a significant burden on Australia’s society and economy. Patients with severe disease respond poorly to standard therapies, which leads to frequent exacerbations, hospitalisations and poor quality of life.

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Effects of peritonitis on mesothelial cell gene expression

Principal Investigator: Dr Aron Chakera

In Australia, more than 2000 people reach end stage kidney disease and commence renal replacement therapy each year. Of the available dialysis modalities, peritoneal dialysis (PD) is used by over 20% of patients, and may be the only option in remote locations.

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