Patient Stories


Thanks to the unwavering passion of the SCGH ICU team of specialists and doctors to improve patient treatment options, Gerry is alive today.

In memory of Kirsten Collins

Inspired by Kirsten Collins, who faced life-threatening medical crises at SCGH, the My Life After ICU website aims to support survivors and their families, by addressing the challenges faced by patients and provides strategies and support to vastly improve their quality of life.

Norman and Deanie

‘This is no way of living. I’m ready to die.’ Several years ago, Norman found himself thinking those exact thoughts.


Back in 2013, 57-year-old Barbara thought she was fairly healthy. She had some back pains, but she put them down to age. When the pains persisted, however, she sought a diagnosis – the start of a life-saving journey with Leon Adams and the Hepatology team at Charlies.

Tom & Nancy

A new catheter, developed by researchers from Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital and UWA, is helping patients in the final stages of lung cancer, breast cancer and mesothelioma breathe more easily and spend precious time at home, rather than in hospital. It’s an innovation that has made a huge difference to Tom Sutcliffe’s life. 

Brieanna & Braedon

At the age of 14, Brieanna, suddenly feeling unwell, went to her GP who thought she might have glandular fever. Later that night, she was so sick that she was rushed in an ambulance to hospital, where she was diagnosed with end stage kidney failure. She was literally on death’s door.


Hugo was a healthy 79-year-old: or so he thought. He was living an active, retired lifestyle in the Perth suburbs, when he felt a dull pain in his lower back. Hugo assumed he had pulled a muscle. The pain persisted for a few weeks, and Hugo decided to see his GP, a visit that may have saved his life.


Laryngectomy patients go through a lifechanging surgery that will alter not only the way they talk, but the way they breathe, eat and live their lives. Our donors have helped make that process a little easier on some of our indigenous patients through incredible generosity.

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