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What is the Be a Champ 4 Charlies Giving Day?

The Be a Champ 4 Charlies Giving Day is an incredible one-day celebration bringing together the WA community and organisations to raise funds for vital research and projects at Sir Charles Gairdner and Osborne Park Hospitals. Departments across the two hospitals put forward projects to support and transform patient health outcomes with all donations made on the day matched thanks to generous organisations and individuals. The matching of donations helps generate excitement and amplify donations on the day with all donations supporting transformative medical research and projects that improve health outcomes for patients and their families.

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In 2023, our Giving Day raised an incredible $160,082 thanks to you!

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Thanks to your generous support, the impact on patient health outcomes is making an incredible difference.

Digital Frames Bringing Families Closer in Hospital

Patients, especially those from rural areas, struggle to connect with loved ones in hospital. This can lead to social isolation and reduced opportunities to communicate. The digital frame lets patients connect with family and friends outside the hospital.


Supporting Aboriginal Patients

We helped provide essential items like clothing, toiletries, and short-term accommodation to make sure that Aboriginal patients have the things they need. For example, we provide warm clothes to people from remote areas. This ensures their comfort during their hospital stay.

Honouring Life's Last Moments

It's an end-of-life program which honours the dignity of dying patients by fulfilling their last wishes. It also fosters meaningful connections with loved ones. One touching example is leaving the patient’s handprint on a canvas. This provides a lasting and personal memory.

How can you get involved with our 2024 Be a Champ 4 Charlies Giving Day?

Become a matched partner

Our matched partners help maximise the impact of support made on the day, enabling donations to be matched e.g. when someone donates $50 it turns into $100. Donations on the day are directed to a dedicated online webpage where the WA community can see in real time the donation tally and their impact collectively. As a matched partner you can help raise the profile of your organisation or make a personal donation pledge.

No matter the size of your contribution, your donation whether as an individual, group or organisation, your support will help amplify the impact while making a real difference to WA patients and our hospital community.



Become a community or workplace champ

Looking to get your local community or employees involved? Create a Giving Day fundraising page and help collect donations! We’ll provide you with you’re very own fundraising page personalised with your name and logo if desired with all donations contributing to the overall Giving Day tally.

You can even collect donations in the lead up to the day, organise a fundraising event or collect donations as a workplace and direct all donations on the day so they are matched!

Support us on the day and help spread the word

You can make a donation on the day or help spread the word to your friends, family and networks. Subscribe to our mailing list to keep updated.

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Speak to Our Team Today!

Contact our fundraising team via or through the form below to find out more information on how you can become a matched partner or a community or workplace champ.

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