Restoring Hope: Transforming lives through breakthrough allergy service

Dr Piyush Grover

In the often uncharted territory where allergies and cancer intersect, Dr Piyush Grover alongside his mentors Professor Anna Nowak and Professor Micheala Lucas, are pioneering ground breaking research by unravelling the connection between allergic reactions and cancer medications.

Dr Grover’s fascination with cancer oncology started as a medical student. Inspired by a keynote speaker at a National Leadership Development Seminar, Dr Grover’s commitment solidified – not just to help people live longer with cancer but to enable them to live better. His fascination with cancer oncology led him from India to New Zealand and eventually brought him to Perth in 2012, where he undertook clinical placements in Geraldton and Christmas Island.

During his fourth year of medical research, Dr Grover conducted an honours program focusing on access to cancer medications, particularly in Australia and New Zealand. Guided by exceptional role model, Dr Grover found a natural pathway into research on allergies and cancer medications.

In 2020, research led Dr Grover to analysing influenza vaccinations in cancer patients, addressing questions about safety. The success of the project increased vaccination rates by 90%, fuelling Dr Grover’s interest in immunology and sparking his fascination into emerging areas of allergic reactions to cancer medication.

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, Dr Grover and the team have successfully set up a dedicated clinical service to support individuals experiencing allergic reactions, often server.

The service alleviates fear and confusion for patients, providing clarity on implications to their physical and mental health, as well as their cancer care”.

Some patients forego the most effective treatment and opt for a less effective treatment, which can be devasting for patients and their loved ones,” notes Dr Grover.

The project aims to understand the who, when, where, what and why these reactions occur, introducing a patient centred framework –the first of its kind in Australia.”

Already the clinic has made a meaningful impact with immediate tangible benefits. Patients and their families have expressing overwhelming positivity, often saying they wish they knew about the service sooner.

Working alongside the Immunology Department, Dr Grover and his team have been able to gain an understanding of what is happening, drilling down into abnormal reaction to medicine where the immune system recognises the medication as foreign, attacking it. Bringing together Immunologist and Oncologist opens the dialogue.

“I think that dialogue of collaboration can make a meaningful different to patient care and patient outcomes. I'm very grateful to the donors who support Charlies Foundation for Research. We believe this project making a difference to patients.”

As pioneers at the forefront of investigating the connection between allergic reactions and cancer medications, SCGH is revolutionising patient care, reshaping the way cancer patients experience life. Your generosity is helping to restore hope and transform lives.