A marathon in memory

Neurological Research in ICU

Following the tragic loss of her 21-year-old brother, Jacob, Niamh was determined to do something meaningful to keep his memory alive.

Jacob was taken to SCGH after feeling unwell for a couple of days. He was quickly admitted to ICU where they discovered he had life-threatening complications from encephalitis, an inflammation of the brain often caused by infection. Despite the incredible care he received, Jacob’s symptoms worsened, and his family were forced to say goodbye far too soon.

As a physiotherapist at SCGH, Niamh was already familiar with the Foundation and the impactful projects funded. To pay tribute to Jacob, she embarked on a powerful mission—running the Sydney Marathon, Australia's largest. Her goal, raising funds for ongoing neurological research in the ICU.

Jacob was an incredibly selfless and gentle individual, and raising money in his name for Charlies Foundation for Research seemed fitting as it would've been something he'd have done himself.”  

With unwavering determination, Niamh raised an impressive $6,300, to support a groundbreaking project being undertaken by Dr Vanessa Carnegie. The project explores the use of ketone esters and dietary supplements, to enhance medical outcomes for patients with acute neurological injuries—a potential gamechanger for those facing brain bleeds and injuries caused by oxygen deprivation.

Niamh's fundraising contributes to the first-of-its-kind study in Australasia, aiming to revolutionise neurological well-being for ICU patients. Her message is clear:

Live each day to the fullest, as tomorrow is never guaranteed.